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  • Social and cultural research, training, and knowledge transfer


Ethnova is a cooperative company which offers research and consulting services related to a wide variety of social and cultural issues. Using a combination of anthropological and ethnographic perspectives and selected qualitative methods, we apply social science to the practical understanding of socio-cultural realities, carrying out general and diagnostic research, project, programme and outcome evaluations, tailor-made in-house training, or knowledge transfer activities for public institutions, private companies, or non-governmental organisations.

We aim to provide a deep comprehension of diverse collective phenomena presented in an accessible form for our clients, and to propose creative solutions for a variety of societal concerns such as inclusion, gender equality, environmental sustainability, public participation, ethics, and responsible research and innovation among others.

Our final objective is to be a leading enterprise in applied socio-cultural research, and to become agents of and for social change, promoting forms of proactive dialogue between public institutions, private companies, and the general public which can offer workable solutions for public demands in social inclusion, transparency, participation, environmental and developmental sustainability, responsible science, and innovative governance.

We place special emphasis on collaborative work, active listening, and deliberative resolutions, and we pledge to develop and carry out projects of excellence with a clear social commitment.